The Physician Advocate is a local “Mom and Pop” company whose mission is to improve the lives of physicians by finding the highest paying and best fitting employment opportunities for those who value their autonomy and the fact that they are invaluable professionals and not simply commodities.  By accommodating the local physicians and patients in the Denver metro area, we have optimal avenues for creating personal relationships built to stand the test of time even though they are technically “temporary” in nature.  We strive to nurture the ideal job placement for physicians who demand control of their professional and personal lives with an ongoing “open door” policy with us that welcomes them at every turn their career takes them without dealing with the impersonal national companies whose representatives pester physicians with phone calls at every turn without actually listening to their personal employment goals.  We don’t “cold call” you or sell your name to a marketing list. We listen to your unique ambitions and then proceed accordingly; even if it is non-clinical opportunities you seek.  We also work with an expert in physician career transitions to non-traditional clinical medicine that has had an up-surge given the government/insurance over-reach of regulation in traditional practice. Give us a call and we will help you.